Welcome to unklethreesixty shortly I will be moving all my work to a new address www.360degreessouth.com

unklethreesixty is committed to producing high quality fullscreen panoramas that can convert a lifeless still website into a compelling and unique viewing experience. People like to try before they buy imagine being able to provide that experience to them from the comfort of their own home.

Research has proved that the introduction of a virtual tour can significantly increase conversions from website visits to bookings. A virtual tour is ideal for hotels, restaurants, visitor attractions, shops the list is almost endless. If you feel that your business could benefit from a unique user experience please do not hesitate to contact me and arrange a site visit

Much of my portfolio consists of personal non-commercial work as the past few years have been dedicated to producing virtual tours for the purpose of crime scene reconstruction for Strathclyde Police.

virtual tours

Panoramic images combined using hotspots (graphic links embedded within an individual panorama) provide a seemless journey through a subject providing the viewer with a truely immersive experience.

Hotels, restaurants, holiday accommodation, house sales these are just a few examples where a fully immersive tour could be implemented to convert potential business into income. With an increase expected in local tourism due to the credit crunch now could be the time to make your business stand out from the competition with a virtual tour.

For examples of completed virtual tours click here.


At the beginning there was stills. The interest in panoramic photography was born from an initial interest in photography that has steadily developed over the past twenty years.

After selling all my film equipment to pursue an unfullfilling sales career it wasn't until a trip to South East Asia that my passion for photography was reborn. It's not often that I travel without a camera these days (much to the consternation of my young family and ever frustrated partner!). As a result I have built a portfolio of images that should appear on this site in the very near future.

Some of my work can be seen on the two websites that I completed recently whilst in Spain, which are linked to in the next section. Although much of this work is personal and taken on a range of equipment that I have collected over the years.

Please continue to check this site as work will be added on a regular basis.

web design

As a bi-product of designing and building interactive presentations for court use at Strathclyde Police and previous experience running a design agency we have gradually acquired the skills to design and build websites. Including this site Pieter has recently completed two commercial sites whilst travelling through Europe.